Rotkrautsalat / Rotkohlsalat (einfach + lecker) – Rezept des Tages 09.10.15

Rotkrautsalat / Rotkohlsalat (einfach + lecker) – Rezept des Tages 09.10.15 von Tuppence. Ein Thermomix ® Rezept aus der Kategorie Vorspeisen/Salate auf, der Thermomix ® Community.

We would like to introduce you to a helper who will have your right arm in the kitchen, save you from purchasing a lot of pieces and making room for them: Thermomix Kitchen Tool. The most impressive feature of this smart kitchen appliance is that it can perform many different functions alone such as chopping, weighing, grinding, kneading dough, steaming. Add your ingredients, adjust the duration, temperature and speed; Spend time with your loved ones while cooking your Thermomix food!

Thermomix, which does not take up much space with its aesthetic design and can do the work of 12 kitchen tools, is a multifunctional digital kitchen appliance. This smart kitchen appliance, which we especially recommend to newly married couples looking at a dowry set with a food processor, can be a practical aid for you in your new kitchen.

While watching your favorite series or spending time with your loved ones, Thermomix can cook 3 kinds of food at the same time with its 3-layer cooking feature. Moreover, the food does not lose its nutritional value. While it offers hundreds of recipe options with the recipe chip, the guided cooking feature allows you to make delicious and healthy meals without having to call your mother or do research on the internet.

We recommend adding Thermomix to your small household appliances list, especially if you are just starting cooking. This smart kitchen appliance, which offers the opportunity to cook easily and in a short time, also provides an advantage for working couples. When you come from work, you won’t have to struggle for a long time to cook!

It has 2 different functions
Small footprint
Saving time
Providing recipe options
Guiding you during cooking with its digital display and guided cooking feature

Guided cooking feature guides you step by step and automatically adjusts the temperature and time of your choice. Moreover, thanks to the weighing feature of the tool, you can create exquisite tastes in the kitchen by adhering to the material dimensions specified in the recipe. After choosing the program you want and adding the ingredients, you do not have to wait at the beginning to mix the food. Because Thermomix does this for you.

Thermomix is ​​a smart device that offers the latest technology to the candidates of the bride. So much so that there is a “recipe chip” with 200 recipes. When you insert this chip into the body of the Thermomix, you can navigate through the recipes on the touch screen. If you say, “Which food will I cook today?”, You can choose one of the many recipe options on the chip.

With many different features of Thermomix, you can mince your meat, chop your vegetables, knead dough, make the most difficult foods at home, from yogurt to mayonnaise, raw meatballs to risotus, and even cook 3 different dishes at the same time. What are the functions of this smart tool that creates miracles in the kitchen, let’s examine in order:

Mixing: There are different speed settings for slow mixing, mixing, mixer and blender and turbo mixing options. With the adjustable mixing speed of Thermomix, you can prepare smoothies, milkshakes and juices in a short time.

Baking: Thermomix allows you to control the temperature. You can adjust the temperature for options such as heating, heating, cooking, sautéing. There is also an audio warning system to alert you when your meal is ready.

Slow Mixing Cooking: While making recipes such as risotto, pudding, custard, bechamel, you should constantly stir or wait at the beginning. If you set Thermomix to the lowest speed, it will mix continuously for you at slow speed.

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