Party-Amerikaner aus dem Thermomix®

Backe unsere Amerikaner aus dem Thermomix®️ noch heute nach! Das Rezept ist für TM5®️ und TM31 geeignet. Mehr Rezepte gibt es im Blog! #willmixen #thermomix

Mixing: There are different speed settings for slow mixing, mixing, mixer and blender and turbo mixing options. With the adjustable mixing speed of Thermomix, you can prepare smoothies, milkshakes and juices in a short time.

Baking: Thermomix allows you to control the temperature. You can adjust the temperature for options such as heating, heating, cooking, sautéing. There is also an audio warning system to alert you when your meal is ready.

Slow Mixing Cooking: While making recipes such as risotto, pudding, custard, bechamel, you should constantly stir or wait at the beginning. If you set Thermomix to the lowest speed, it will mix continuously for you at slow speed.

Weighing: As you add ingredients to the mixing bowl, Thermomix weighs the ingredients and continues to apply the recipe. You can weigh all the ingredients in succession.

Grinding: With the rapid grinding process of Thermomix, you can make tahini from sesame seeds, draw coffee and nuts, and make your own powdered sugar or chickpea and rice flour at home.

Chopping: You can chop vegetables, fruits and many other ingredients in a short time. You can crush your ice cubes and mince the meat. To adjust the size, simply set the speed.

Steam Cooking: You can create a healthy diet for yourself and your loved ones by cooking your various foods with steam heat in containers called Varoma. While you are cooking your food in the mixing bowl, you can steam your food in Varoma at the same time. All you have to do is set the appropriate temperature.

Emulsion: With this feature of Thermomix, you can make salad dressing and mayonnaise quickly and easily. Thanks to the Thermomix emulsion feature, it mixes the oil slowly and homogeneously. All you have to do is pour the oil onto the mixing bowl lid and let it slowly flow into the bowl along with the rest of the ingredients.

Whisk: You can whisk many ingredients quickly and easily with a whisk. You can prepare the entire mixture in a single bowl, using the whisk at speeds of 2-4.

Controlled Heating: Thermomix adjusts the temperature between 37-100 degrees thanks to the sensors integrated into the mixing bowl. Thanks to this feature, you can heat difficult to prepare sauces or baby food in a controlled manner or easily melt your chocolates.

Dough Kneading: With the dough kneading mode, you can knead and ferment bread, pizza and pastry doughs. For this you need to choose the special speed setting, called ripple mode.

Mixing by Shredding: You can use it to smooth your soup or mash it. By mixing it for a few seconds, you can get a smooth consistency in a few minutes.

If you are wondering what users of Thermomix think about this multifunctional kitchen appliance, some internet users’ comments are as follows:

“A versatile device for preparing healthy, simple and fast meals, not only professional but also individual users can work very comfortably. With Thermomix, you can perform various functions such as cutting, mixing, kneading, boiling and steam cooking. ”

“An amazing tool.”

“After buying this tool, you use less pot and pan and you make healthier meals. You can do many different things like steaming, making dough or crushing ice with the same tool. You can even make butter. ”

“I am very pleased with greatness. It is a very practical food processor that makes my daily life easier and when it comes to life with children.”

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